Katie M.

Felix was extremely helpful to me in choosing glasses to go with a new job and bold, but not too bold look. The turnaround time getting the glasses was fast, and he sent me away with all the fixings and, of course, two new awesome pairs of glasses. I found the prices much more competitive than my last pair of glasses from lens crafters. Appreciate Felix for the quick work and more importantly, the advice! Will be back, and highly recommend!

Charlene Y.

I came in to fix my sunglasses. It's missing a screw. Felix fixed my glasses within minutes. Great service and very professional. He was so kind. You can feel that he really cares about his customers. Will def come back!! Highly recommended

Eric C.

I had a pair of frames with a broken wire. I'd been to multiple stores and none of them had the part, and none of them had any interest in repairing them. Felix made time for me on a busy Friday afternoon and had the frames looking good as new in an hour, at a great price. He knows his trade and clearly cares about his work -- definitely won my business for as long as I live in the area.

Anastasiya H.

We come here in three generations now! Always the best customer service, recommendations and selection to choose from. Thank you , Felix! I would highly recommend this Optical Shop. It has a special personal approach along with optical needs!

Shira G.

This is a long overdue review--sorry!! My daughter broke her glasses last fall--she has worn glasses for nearly her whole life and has always been careful with her glasses so this sudden break (the frame snapped right on the bridge) was totally unexpected.

Since we had recently moved back to the area, we didn't yet have an optometrist lined up. Thanks to my fellow Yelp (and possibly Google; I just don't remember) reviewers, I found this place. I met with Felix Schlosman and much to my surprise, rather than trying to convince me that of course I'd need to buy an entire new pair of glasses for my daughter, he went out of his way to find a few potential frames that could accommodate her existing lenses.

We determined that the one that would probably work best could potentially also seem the most babyish to my then-9-year-old, so he suggested I bring her by and we'd look at some frames together. With the best contender, before showing the frame to her, he quickly and discreetly took the time to remove all "babyish" traces--the strap, the case,etc.--and presented to my daughter a simple blue frame. Lo and behold, she loved it. Within 15-20 minutes her lenses were placed in her new frames and as an added bonus, Felix adjusted and polished her back-up frames.

My daughter was happy both with Felix's manner ("he talked to me like a real person, not like I was a little kid") and his speed. I was thrilled with his patience, fantastic service, and for not just trying to sell me the most expensive frame he could. I'd go back to The Optical Shop in a heartbeat the next time we need eyewear!

Marsha M.

Fantastic service. Very professional and understands how to help pick out glasses that fit well and are functional. Felix understands the best type of frame for a person's face. He helps with the difficult decision of which frame to choose. I highly recommend Felix. He sells high quality glasses.

L. D. E.

I cannot recommend Felix and The Optical Shop highly enough. I do not buy eyeglasses often so wanted to be sure I would be satisfied with my choice, hence I visited approximately 10-12 optical shops over the past 6 months. I squeezed in The Optical Shop at the end, only noticing it after having been to so many others. I was amazed at the attentiveness that Felix offered. While his options were not the largest I had seen, they were more distinct and different than others enabling me to finally make a choice I had been struggling with for months. Felix's suggestions were excellent and I was quite surprised when after narrowing it down, he did not encourage me to choose the higher priced frames I was considering, saying that my other option worked better with the shape of my face and my personality. He was absolutely correct and I could not be happier with my selection. His gentle patience in creating the lens was also a gift, as I changed my mind mid-stream causing extra work on his part. He even made time for me after work hours, when I could only arrive shortly before closing. Most importantly, Felix relates not as one who wishes to make a sale but as one who is sincere in his wish to assist in making the best possible choice. Dealing with such an authentic person made a tremendous difference in my experience of purchasing eyeglasses. I cannot recommend him highly enough and will continue to purchase all future optical needs through him.

Denis S.

Felix is hands down the best optician in town! Great selection of frames in all styles and incredible service! Felix can fix almost any problem, including glasses breaks that other places will tell you are not possible to repair. I break my glasses on purpose just to have a reason to come see Felix!

Andrea D.

I've never been completely satisfied with any shop's choice of frames or many opticians' level of care for the client. This shop is a jewel, and its optician, an artist. I came to Felix's (Optical Shop at the Brook House) after seeing the unanimous 5-star reviews. I am happy to add my own 5-star and I'll never go to a Mall--or even Harvard Sq.--for glasses again. Thank you, Felix, a gentleman proud of his craft and so kind to his clients!

Heather M.

Two days ago, I broke a pair of cheap F21 sunglasses that I adore and I wanted to fix. Yesterday, I messaged and called a bunch of glasses repair shops via Yelp and phone. The Optical Shop called back nearly immediately and said I could come in at any point. I immediately noticed how thoughtful and flexible he was and he offered detailed directions for getting to the building (that were super helpful!). I brought in my sunglasses and within two minutes, they were fixed perfectly! I tried to offer him money but he wouldn't take it. The gentleman working (I feel so bad I didn't get his name!) was so kind, professional, and helpful, and wonderful! I so appreciated his help. Not only that, but his customers were vocally appreciative of him (one called him "the glass whisperer"), which was so sweet and confirmed the good experience I had in this store. While I don't need prescription glasses right now, I will definitely be back in then future! Overall amazing customer service and seems to know his stuff as well - thank you!

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